Need to Demolish an Old Building?

Keith Grading & Hauling offers demolition services in Clayton, Raleigh & Goldsboro, NC

If you're searching for demolition contractors in Clayton, NC you can trust, reach out to Keith Grading & Hauling, Inc. We provide demolition services to homeowners and business owners.

Tearing down a building can be a complex and dangerous job. We can demolish your building or structure in a safe and legal manner. Once we demolish your building with our excavators and hammers, we'll remove the debris from your property and dispose of it properly.

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Is hiring a professional demolition company beneficial?

Is hiring a professional demolition company beneficial?

Hiring Keith Grading & Hauling to handle your demolition work is a smart investment because:

  • We know the federal and local demolition regulations
  • We have high safety standards and insurance
  • We save you time and manual labor
  • We protect nearby structures that aren't being demolished
  • We complete demolition projects in a flash
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