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Hire an experienced grading contractor to level your property in Clayton, NC or surrounding areas

Keith Grading & Hauling, Inc. is a grading contractor with the skills necessary to handle all types of site preparation projects in Clayton, NC and surrounding areas. If you need to build a new home or commercial building, your lot will need to be prepared properly prior to construction. You can trust us to demolish any unwanted structures, remove debris and trees and grade your lot in a timely manner.

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trucks and excavators clearing land in Mayflower, AR
Grading and Sitework

Grading and Sitework

Prepare your lot for construction.



Remove debris and foliage from your lot.



Destroy an existing structure on your property.

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4 reasons to choose Keith Grading & Hauling

Keith Grading & Hauling provides exceptional site grading and excavation services in the Clayton, NC area. We're a grading contractor that provides such superior services because we:

  1. Have over 20 years of site preparation experience
  2. Complete residential and commercial projects of all sizes
  3. Have the top-quality equipment needed for all kinds of sitework
  4. Are a family-owned grading and excavation business that clients trust

Tear Down a Building in No Time

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